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China General Machinery Industry Association (cgma) is a national social organization approved and registered by the Ministry of machinery and electronics industry and the Ministry of civil affairs of the people's Republic of China in April 1989. It has the legal personality of a social organization. It is the only national industrial organization of general machinery industry in China.

China Communications Association is a national and industrial social organization voluntarily formed by the general machinery industry (including pumps, fans, compressors, valves, gas separation and liquefaction equipment, separation machinery, vacuum equipment, reducer, drying equipment, gas purification equipment, cooling equipment, energy recovery equipment, etc.) and the supporting products of "production, learning, research and use" enterprises and institutions and a few individuals. It is not a business Social organizations for the benefit of sex.

The membership distribution and activity area of China Communications Association is the whole country.

The general machinery industry mainly includes oil and gas development and gathering, petrochemical, chemical, coal chemical, chemical fertilizer, electric power, metallurgy, non-ferrous metals, energy conservation, environmental protection, coal and other mineral development and utilization, aerospace, ship and marine engineering, water conservancy, building materials, light industry, textile, medicine, agriculture, food, transportation and other fields of national economy and urban infrastructure Provide equipment and services for construction and national defense construction.

According to the specialty, CCTA has 12 branches, including pump, fan, compressor, valve, gas separation equipment, gas purification equipment, vacuum equipment, cooling equipment, separation machinery, drying equipment, reducer and energy recovery equipment, as well as two professional committees, i.e. vibration and noise detection and fault diagnosis and screw pump; the headquarters has comprehensive and human resources department, exhibition and media center, and China International Cooperation Department, information department, science and technology and Standards Department.

The purpose of China Communications Association is: to promote the development of China's general machinery manufacturing industry, to play the role of "bridge and link" of enterprises and relevant government departments, to provide services for the development of general machinery industry and member units; to reflect the reasonable requirements and wishes of the industry and member units, to assist the government in doing industry work; to standardize the rules and regulations, to maintain the interests of the industry and member units Interests and legitimate rights and interests.

China Communications Association abides by the national constitution, laws, regulations and national policies, practices socialist core values, abides by social morality and customs, and consciously strengthens the construction of integrity and self-discipline.

The culture of China Communications Association is: unity, harmony, order and efficiency

The tasks of China Communications Association are:

(1) to investigate and study the industrial restructuring and development of the general machinery industry, and to provide the government departments with plans, suggestions and advisory services for the formulation of reform plans, development plans, industrial policies, laws and regulations;

(2) to conduct follow-up investigation and Research on the implementation and operation of technical and economic policies and laws and regulations related to the development of general machinery industry, timely report the industry opinions to the government, and put forward suggestions for formulation and revision;

(3) to organize the exchange and promotion of innovative achievements in enterprise reform and management experience; to carry out diagnostic consulting services, guide enterprises to explore new ideas, new ways and new methods for deepening reform and improving management, promote enterprises to continuously transform and upgrade, establish and improve modern enterprise system, and constantly improve enterprises' market competitiveness;

(4) being entrusted to carry out feasibility analysis, demonstration and other work for major investment, transformation and development projects in the industry; being entrusted by relevant government departments to organize project appraisal, review and acceptance; providing consulting services for users' bidding and procurement;

(5) to carry out industry statistical information and comprehensive analysis according to the authorization, track the economic operation of the industry and predict the development trend of the industry; to have a broad understanding of the market demand dynamics of general machinery at home and abroad and the development of technical equipment, and to provide information services for the government and enterprises to make decisions;

(6) to be entrusted by the government to undertake or, according to the needs of the market and industry development, to hold international and domestic exhibitions in the industry, to organize overseas exhibitions and visits to foreign exhibitions, so as to create conditions for enterprises in the industry to explore domestic and foreign markets and deepen their going abroad;

(7) to organize industrial technology exchange and discussion activities, vigorously promote new products, new technologies, new processes and new materials, and provide services for promoting technological progress of industries and enterprises; to be entrusted by relevant government departments to carry out appraisal and acceptance of new products and new technological achievements; to be entrusted to carry out consultation services and technical services;

(8) to organize and carry out various forms of international technological and economic exchange activities and study abroad to promote extensive exchanges and cooperation at home and abroad;

(9) to organize and carry out training in personnel, technology, management and occupation for the development of industrial enterprises;

(10) to provide professional knowledge and information services for the government and industrial enterprises by setting up websites, journals, editing and publishing yearbooks and other professional album materials;

(11) to organize the formulation and revision of various industrial group standards with the approval of the relevant government departments; to assist the relevant departments in the formulation and revision of various international standards, national standards and industrial standards; to assist the relevant departments in organizing the implementation of standards, training, testing, certification and other work; to establish a general machinery group standard system in China;

(12) assist the relevant departments in the quality management of the industry; collect and feed back the quality information of the industry's products, provide diagnosis, consultation and technical services for the enterprise to improve the product quality; carry out the inspection and evaluation under the guidance of the relevant departments;

(XIII) according to the characteristics of the industry, formulate the rules and regulations of the industry; establish the self-discipline mechanism of the industry, regulate the self-management behavior of the industry, and promote the fairness of the enterprise

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